What is Beyond the Weak?

Beyond the Weak is not simply a clothing brand; it's an ideology, a way of life. There are those people who go through the motions, do just enough to get by, and always have excuses to justify staying in their comfort zones. Those people are weak, not only in their bodies but in their minds as well.

But then there are those who won't accept the normal, the average. And maybe these people were part of the weak yesterday, but now they have their minds set on their goals, and they will do anything to achieve their dreams and to even go beyond them. When it hurts, when they are tired, and when their bodies are quitting on them, they will force themselves to push harder. They understand that pain exists but it is your choice whether to cower in fear or to embrace it. Being truly Beyond the Weak means that, in every aspect of your life, not just in athletics, you are always striving to be better. You can never be satisfied with what you have; you always need to become better and to improve upon your best work.

While it may be easy to sit around and fall into the routine that we've been so comfortable with, it does not compare to the feeling of greatness, of achievement that comes from giving every ounce of strength that you have towards something that your body, mind, and soul desperately need. You resist stagnation and would do anything to earn and maintain a standard of greatness.               

When you realize this and you hold this ideology true to your heart, then you are Beyond the Weak.

How did the brand become established?

Brian Turner was born on September 23rd, 1992 and at the age of 15 began his long and passionate journey into bodybuilding.  After 3 years, he created his first YouTube channel, at age 21 he created the brand Beyond the Weak as a way to break away from the clothing that everyone else was doing to bring something genuine to the table.  While other brands are worried about what celebrity is wearing their clothing or about making money off images, Beyond the Weak has been forged to perpetuate the ideology explained above.  Beyond the Weak is a brand that was created for people to relate to and latch onto, a brand that cares and gives back to it's supporters.  Thank you all so much for your continued support, because of what you all do for the brand we will be doing big things in 2016!